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The great thing about all the different breeds out there is that there seems to be a breed for everyone. If you're a mellow and laid back person and looking for a breed of dog that is more quiet, they are out there waiting for you. If you are a younger person with a lot of energy looking for a dog that is a little more high strung, they are out there as well.

What I wanted to do is provide you with some very valuable information about some of the most common breeds out there. The following information was supplied by either a breeder, professional dog trainer, or someone that was competent who could give you the best information about specific breeds. These are people who I have worked with during my career. In most cases, I have trained their dogs for commercials or print ads. They have each written a few sentences about important things they thought you should know about the breeds that they know best. To make it fun and interesting, I have included the name of the commercial or ad, and the year it was shot.