Alternative Training Collar




The Alternative Training Collar was patented in 2010 (US Patent # D645,213S), and I created this collar for a number of reasons. Most importantly, I wanted to give pet owners the opportunity to have at their disposal, a tool that would help in the physical correcting of some dogs. I also understood that many trainers and owners had an issue with the chain portion of choke chain (chain collar) being in contact with the dog’s neck. The Alternative Training Collar replaced the chain portion that touches the dog's neck with soft leather, but kept the chain on the top part of it, still functioning with the control of a chain collar.

THE FUNCTION - The Alternative Training Collar functions much like a chain collar. As the owner corrects the dog, all of the force comes from the opposite side of the animal, and it releases after the light correction. As I mentioned…the only issue I have had with using a chain collar on some dogs is that when the chain collar is pulled, the chain is what the dog feels on his neck. With the Alternative Training Collar, the portion of the collar that the dog senses on his neck is made of soft leather.

IS THE ALTERNATIVE TRAINING COLLAR FOR EVERY DOG? No. If you watch my TV series or have read any of my books, one of the great things about working with dogs is that they are all different, and should be trained according to their personality. A large percentage of dogs need to be controlled, and the Alternative Training Collar will help you with that. But some dogs do not need physical corrections.

WILL I HURT MY DOG? The truth is you can hurt your dog simply using just a leash and your dog’s regular collar that he wears. The idea is to understand that you want to use the LEAST CORRECTION POSSIBLE when giving any correction. By using the collar, it should aid by not having you need to pull the dog as hard as you did without the use of the collar.

IS THIS A MARTINGALE COLLAR? No. This is a different type of collar than the Martingale. The way the Martingale Collar is designed is that the chain is centered directly in back of the dog’s neck. When the owner pulls, all of the force comes from directly behind the dog. Once the collar constricts, the owner still must pull harder because of the positioning of the chain. With The Alternative Training Collar, all of the force comes from the opposite side of the dog. Once the collar constricts, the owner still has leverage. This makes correcting easier for the owner and dog.

DOES IT COME IN ONE SIZE? It actually comes in five different sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Medium II
  • Large
  • X-Large

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