Mellow Dogs

These are the “middle of the road” type of dogs. Because if their laid back nature, these are the dogs that most pet owners would initially prefer to train because their personality makes things so much easier. Because they lack the EXTREME characteristics of high strung dogs, and the EXTREME characteristics of the soft and shy dogs, they are much easier and fun to train from the onset. You’ll find quite often in working with mellow dogs that they have the type of personality that can change. At certain times, they can get excited and at other times they can be laid back, but so much of this is dictated upon you or the situation at the time. The training techniques are going to vary depending on your dog. You’ll find that most of time you'll be using treats to train this dog.

One of the greatest parts of working with mellow dogs is that you really can use a variety of rewards to train them. Remember, the more rewards you are using, the more fun it is for your dog.